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On-Site Training


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Nearly 75% of all litigation filed against businesses involves employment related disputes.
Learn how to ensure you won’t be next from an attorney with an enviable track record suing companies and exploiting their weaknesses.

In addition to training on all aspects of employment law, including sexual harassment and various forms of illegal discrimination, these interactive and effective seminars deliver inside secrets and strategies that will produce immediate results to reduce the risk of a lawsuit.

* The Most Common Employer Errors Leading to Lawsuits
* The Most Common Areas of Attack by a Plaintiff’s Attorney
* How to Fail Harassment Training
* Legal Implications of Social Networking Sites
* Handbook Mistakes You Will Regret
* Investigating Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation Claims
* How to Properly Terminate an Employee… and More!
All seminars include real case examples with trial video

Call 201-488-6438 or contact us to sign up or learn how Employee Relations Solutions Inc. dramatically reduces the risk of a lawsuit and cuts legal bills spent on outside counsel.

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